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Scientists reveal findings of Alien Baby In Mexico – (It’s Half Human!) – Video

This strange Alien Baby has been decided through scientific testing to be a previously UNKNOWN or an ENTIRELY NEW SPECIES related to HUMANS and which the scientists suggest might be in the process of evolution they don't really know - they are only suggesting that because frankly it's just so different from anything else on Earth that they have no idea

Cowl Street Collapse

When I was a little girl my father used to walk me to school each day and not long after starting school at Swan Lane infants school in Evesham Worcestershire England we'd walk to to school via the longest route which consisted of walking up Bridge road and turning right into Cowl St


This is a true story Sebastian a young child of approximately only or years old at the time suddenly become interested in playing his parents piano Sebastian also told his parents that he liked playing the piano with his new friend

The Broken Lamp

This true story comes from a very dear friend of mine who just happens to be a senior ranked police officer and therefore is not someone who is flaky irrational or easily fooled etc however my friend also knows that there are some things in this world which simply defy logical explanation

Aussie Encounters Of the Roswell Kind….

Most people around the world are aware of the Roswell incident in the 's yet until recently few people were aware that Australia had a similar incident in and which was witnessed by more than people

Strange Green Fireballs Over New Mexico

For years ufologists have studied accounts of the unidentified Green Fireball objects Since the late s thousands of people in New Mexico have apparently witnessed them and they have often been described as green flares New Mexico is the US state which is famous for another of it's towns also concerning UFO's - Roswell Press reports of an incident on September described one as being a blinding green fireball the size of a full moon Thousands of people are alleged to have seen the fireball that night

Tulip Staircase Ghost Photograph

This famous photograph was taken in by the Reverend Ralph Hardy a retired clergyman from White Rock British Columbia Rev Hardy did not see the ghostly spectre when he took the photograph of the elegant spiral staircase in the Queens House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich England The photograph only revealed the shrouded figure upon the film's development

Newby Church Ghost Photograph

Taken in by Reverend K F Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire England this is one of the most famous and well known photographs of what is claimed to be a ghost Reverend Lord said that the ghost was not visible to the naked eye when he took the photograph of the altar and that the creepy shrouded figure only appeared in the image after the negatives were developed

Famous English Hauntings

One of the things England is renowned for is the many Famous hauntings that have been witnessed and chronicled over the centuries and which go back as far as the history of Britain itself Ghostly spectres have been witnessed by people from all walks of life and many royal stately homes and castles are still believed to be haunted to this day

About Crop Circles

The exact date that crop circles began appearing is unknown but it is generally accepted that they began appearing in England in the 's and have increased in frequency substantially since

More interesting Crop Circle Videos….

Here are some more interesting videos on Crop Circles

Strange, Ancient Discs Found Underneath Crop Circle in Germany

There are many videos available on the internet about Crop Circles and of varying quality but a few stand out One video Alien Artifacts discovered underneath crop circle is one of the more puzzling - it tells how strange large metal discs made of precious metals were found

Nasca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru The largest figure designs are over meters ft across

British Govt. Releases More Secret UFO Files

In March this year the British Government released thousands more previously classified files on UFO sightings in Britain which have been dubbed the British X Files by the media The Ministry of Defense files include accounts from police officers pilots air-traffic controllers armed forces

More Creepy Mysteries…

The Chase Vault is a burial vault in a cemetery in Barbados It is best known for a series of unexplained incidents beginning in the early th century involving the coffins within the vault Each time the vault was opened to bury a family member all coffins except one had changed position

5 Creepy Mysteries

Overtoun Bridge is an arch bridge located near Milton Dumbarton in Scotland and it was built in It has become famous for the number of unexplained instances in which dogs have apparently committed suicide by leaping off it

VIDEO – Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK-“We Come to Warn You…..

Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK- Includes video plus Full Transcript

VIDEO – US Government Admits UFOs in Press Conference | Disclosure

Former Air Force Officers discuss UFO Sightings - on Video Speakers include former U S Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt who recounts his own first-hand encounter with a UFO in Rendlesham Forest in Rendlesham England in which was also witnessed by many other military personnel and others


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Nostradamus Predictions
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Alien Warning Message Live on TV in UK- Includes video plus ...
Former Air Force Officers discuss UFO Sightings - on Video. ...
This strange "Alien Baby" has been decided (through scientif...
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When I was a little girl my father used to walk me to school...
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