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Readers Stories - Cowl Street Collapse

When I was a little girl my father used to walk me to school each day, and not long after starting school at Swan Lane infants school (in Evesham, Worcestershire, England), we’d walk to to school via the longest route, which consisted of walking up Bridge road and turning right into Cowl St. A much shorter route was to turn right at the street before Cowl street. The reason I always wanted to go the longer way was because the shorter way meant walking past the Robirch sausage factory.

Robirch sausage factory was my childhood version of hell. Apart from the stench, which was so thick it felt like it could be smelt for miles, there was also the puddles of blood left on the footpath outside the factory entrance, plus there was also the possibility at any time that there could be a delivery of new pig carcasses to feed into the sausage factory meat grinders….. I hated it, and everything it stood for, and so I used to tightly hold my nose and mouth whenever I had to walk past it, and sometimes I would gag and almost throw up from the vile stench of dead pig flesh.

By the time I’d started school at age 4 1/2, I was already a vegetarian (by choice) due to my deep love of animals, so seeing the puddles of blood and the pig carcasses naturally really upset and repulsed me. My mother only agreed to allowing me to become vegetarian because she thought I’d soon give up on the idea and would eventually go back to eating meat, but my father knew better. Like him, I was a big animal lover, and I had been that way since birth. So after a while I convinced my father to always take me the long way to school in order to avoid the Robirch sausage factory. This meant we had to walk up Cowl street instead.

Then, one morning I suddenly asked my father to take me to school the short way instead – past the Robirch sausage factory – but just for that morning only. I don’t know why I insisted on it that day, and I think I may have not known why at the time either, I just remember insisting on it over and over, and I remember my father being really, really puzzled, and asking me why I wanted to go that way?. I replied that I just did, and only for that morning, and that after this morning we could go back to going the long way again. My father was really puzzled at my strange request, and I remember it took some time to get him to agree, but I was resolute and insistent and in the end he finally agreed and so we walked to school the short way, past the stinking sausage factory.

My only other memory of that day is later being told that at the exact time that we normally should have been walking up Cowl street, two old houses had suddenly collapsed without any warning, killing a man who was walking in Cowl street at the time. I remember that afterwards the street was completely filled with rubble, and I have no doubt that if we had walked to school that day via our normal route we would also have been killed by the falling houses. The collapsed houses were both Elizabethan Tudor buildings (a lot like the ones in the featured image used for this story) , and had probably collapsed, as they apparently can do, due to an infestation by the deathwatch beetle, which eats the wooden frames of old wooden buildings and in doing so can cause them to fall without any notice or any outward signs of damage. My mother, a stern authoritarian woman who was a total skeptic and who refused to believe in anything paranormal or the like,  forbid any talk on the matter afterwards, and so my father and I never spoke about it again.

I still do not know why I suddenly wanted to avoid Cowl street on that particular day, but since then I have had similar incidents of forewarning and even some direct (audible) messages, and which if  I had not followed would have ended in severe injury or worse. I have also had many precognitive dreams and the like, and so I believe that this incident was probably just the beginning of my intuition and psychic abilities.


Karen Banting

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Karen Banting has written 26 posts in this blog.

Karen is an author & blogger with a lifelong interest in science & the paranormal.

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When I was a little girl my father used to walk me to school...
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