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Readers Stories - The Broken Lamp

Introduction: About “White Lady” Apparitions (From Wikipedia): White Lady legends are found around the world. They are often associated with an individual family line or said to be a harbinger of death similar to a banshee. In popular medieval legend, a White Lady is fabled to appear by day as well as by night in a house in which a family member is soon to die. According to The Nuttall Encyclopaedia*, these spirits were regarded as the ghosts of deceased ancestresses (relatives).


This true story comes from a very dear friend of mine, who just happens to be a (senior ranked)  police officer and therefore is not someone who is “flaky”, irrational, or easily fooled etc, however my friend also knows that there are some things in this world which simply defy all logical explanation…… I have not included my friends name, because the Australian police forces generally still do not treat stories of the paranormal with much credibility and so speaking about it can lead to ridicule or even worse (…one police officer in Sydney was facing the sack for merely using a psychic in a police investigation a couple of years ago…). Also I have included my friends personal footnote to me about attending fatal car-crashes, which I felt was equally intriguing (I hope he doesn’t mind). I had recently written to my friend and had mentioned in my letter that I was seeking true stories for this website  – This is his own true story;

My Mother is one of 14 children. The entire family were raised on a wheat and sheep farm near Lake Grace in the Eastern Wheat-belt area of Western Australia. (Yeah I have heard all the jokes about not having TV and hence the rather large brood) but the reality is with large families like this, the older children raise and take responsibility for the younger children and they become (and remain) very close. They share things and help one another out like few others, and I consider myself lucky to be part of this (now quite massive and close family). Two of the children died, Shirley at 2 years of age from pneumonia and Harry at 14 years when he was run over by a tractor driven by his father, my Grandfather.

At times, life on the farm was tough and to put this story into context we are talking about the 1950’s and farming properties in this area did not have electricity. The family relied upon kerosene lanterns, however in the main dining area the light was provided by an elaborate glass lamp that had a large slender glass ornamental flue which lit the whole room.

In the early evening, on the day before Harry was killed, my Aunty Beryl was given the job of lighting the lanterns and lamp she accidentally dropped and smashed the glass lens on the main lamp. Not only were they expensive but they didn’t actually have a spare at that time and the farm was a days horse ride out of town. Aunty Beryl was sent to bed early, before everyone else. The rest of the children came to bed as normal.

Later that night, because she was upset by what had happened, Aunty Beryl was still awake and she saw a woman dressed in a long flowing white shawl come in and pull the covers up on Harry and sit on the bed with her hand resting on his shoulder for some time. She assumed it was my Nana and she assumed that she didn’t get the same treatment because she was still “in the bad books” because of the broken lamp.

In the morning Aunty Beryl apologized to Nana and questioned her about (coming into the room and) still being angry with her last night, to learn that Nana had not come into the children’s bedroom at all the night before.

It was later that day that Harry was killed.

I know these people and they are honest, loving and down to earth. As a cop after a while (37 years) you get to know things involving death. When you are driving up to a traffic crash and regardless of the carnage and still some distance away you can tell if someone has died or not and the feeling is not unlike that that comes over the birth-room. (hospital delivery room)


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The Nuttall Encyclopaedia is an early 20th-century encyclopedia, edited by Rev. James Wood, first published in London in 1900 by Frederick Warne & Co Ltd.


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