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 Alien Baby In Mexico

This strange “Alien Baby” has been decided (through scientific testing) to be a previously UNKNOWN or an ENTIRELY NEW SPECIES related to humans, (it’s half-human, and half something else….) and which the scientists suggest might be in the process of evolution (they don’t really know – they are only suggesting that because frankly, it’s just so different from anything else on Earth that they have no idea…).

Alien Baby In Mexico Scientific Tests – Strange Results

The scientists testing it have confirmed that it also has some VERY different characteristics to any other species on Earth (and I mean very strange – just watch the videos……). The second video is a video confirming this ground-breaking news – and was added so that you will know for sure that it was not a hoax or a dead Marmoset etc – and it shows interviews with the scientists involved. It is from the History Channel – so is a reputable source. The names of the scientists involved are shown too.

The tests showed that the being is not known to exist on Earth

Note: A recent comment on YouTube says it’s apparently been debunked on a channel 4 TV program as being a DNA match for the common marmoset – however this YouTube debunking comment is wrong, please watch the second video which confirms this “thing” is real and confirms that it is not a known species. (I also did some research myself and found that Common Marmosets are not native to Mexico, and they probably could not survive in Mexico very well or for very long. They are native to Brazil, where they live in forests… on a specialized diet…and live in highly social groups with many of their extended family members… need I go on? –  more detailed Marmoset information is also provided at the bottom of this post)


Video: Scientists reveal their findings of Alien Baby In Mexico. TRUTH


So, before posting this article I spent a few hours searching the internet & studying Marmoset skeletons, Marmoset Photos, Videos of live Marmosets and other scientific due-diligence, and I came to the personal conclusion this “animal” was not a Marmoset. Then I did some more searching, and found this video…:



Video: Reptilian? Baby alien found: Mexico. DNA tests confirmed..


Debunking Information on The Common Marmoset theory (and further proof that above creature is NOT a Marmoset….)

Dictionary Definition: “Marmoset: Any of various small clawed monkeys of the genera Callithrix and Cebuella, found in tropical forests of the Americas and having soft dense fur, tufted ears, and long tails.”


Wikipedia:  Common Marmoset – Range and ecology:

“Common marmosets are native only to east-central Brazil. They have been introduced into other areas and live within the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marmosets can be found in a number of forest habitats. They live in Atlantic coastal forests as well as semi-deciduous forests farther inland. They can also inhabit savanna forests and riverine forests. Marmosets are successful in dry secondary forests and edge habitats.”  –See Wikipedia source for the Common Marmoset


Karen Banting

About Karen Banting

Karen Banting has written 26 posts in this blog.

Karen is an author & blogger with a lifelong interest in science & the paranormal.

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