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The 4th Dimension.com is a new website, established in March 2011. It’s aim is to present information and resources pertaining to a wide range of topics and theories that (presently) fall outside those of which are currently accepted by the ‘general’ population (…. however that does not mean that they are not accepted or theorized as being in existence by some scientists, physicists, theoretical physicists, psychologists and many others – indeed, many learned scientists and scholars actually do believe in ‘whacky’ theories such as time-travel, parallel universes, the paranormal and existence of alien life. The list of famous and world renowned scientists and others who do / did is actually quite staggering, and coincidentally perhaps includes some of  the most respected).

Newton, Einstein, Freud, Carl Yung and many others actually believed in non-tangible & “unscientific” things such as the existence of God and or the paranormal etc. At the end of his life, Freud said that if he had his life to do over again he would have studied parapsychology instead because that field still hadn’t been explored. Einstein (and now Stephen Hawkins and others) believed in the possibility of time-travel and parallel universes, yet no one would dare ever call these men idiots, “flakes” or “whacko’s”. Yet their average and far, far less intelligent peers (the ordinary ‘run-of-the-mill’ mathematicians, psychologists, etc) traditionally will usually follow the belief of the masses until after something is proven.

Historically, the average man and woman have always been slow to accept new ideas that contradict popular opinion or long-held beliefs. Those brave souls who dared to try to convince them otherwise were often subjected to ridicule or worse (eg: some faced death for heresy for proclaiming things that we now know to be a fact or true). The most famous example of a mass ‘turn around’ in public belief is probably the former mass belief that the world was flat.

On this site we aim to present material in “as scientific a manner” as is possible with these topics, looking at them from both possible angles; that of believers and non-believers – and where possible will try present both arguments to allow the reader to make up their own mind.

Many people today consider themselves to be a skeptic. It is important to distinguish the difference between a skeptic and a debunker:

The former has an open mind and is seeking the truth, even if that truth means that their previous opinion was wrong. A true skeptic doesn’t believe that we humans know everything there is to know and accepts there will be new things discovered eventually just as has happened in times past – however they quite rightly need ‘proof’ before they accept something as fact.

A debunker, on the other hand, has a closed mind, and fervently seeks out material (such as frauds being exposed etc) that will support their (rigid) belief, and has no intention or desire to consider any evidence that is contrary to their belief.

At the 4th Dimension.com, we do not take the highly arrogant & ignorant view that mankind already has all the answers, or even that we possess the intellectual capacity to ever find or comprehend the answers to everything. Mankind still does not fully understand even the tangible, ordinary world around us, and science is also constantly re-writing ‘facts’ too (….one minute Pluto is not a planet, then Pluto is a planet, now we’re back to the original theory that it’s not a planet after all…… animals were also believed – by the general public AND scientists – to be incapable of any feelings when this writer was growing up – thankfully that ignorant & utterly egotistical view is changing / has changed.

There are probably thousands of other examples of ‘mass popular belief turnaround’ that have occurred throughout time. We now accept these things as fact without question, and teach them to our children. Yet we forget the struggles that their discoverers went through, or the many years (sometimes centuries) that it took for the general population to sheepishly follow.

Most people we admire today for their great scientific discoveries were hated, ridiculed or even killed for attempting to enlighten the masses.

You, the reader, have the choice of which side of the fence you wish to spend your life on – the side which slavishly follows popular belief and is too scared to have an opinion of your own that dares to differ from those around you (the flock) – or to keep an open mind and begin your own journey of discovery into the as-yet unknown.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website, and into the fourth dimension.

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