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The Witches Cabinet Herb & Stone set #2. You will get:Knottweed – 2 tablespoons, Lavender – 2 tablespoons, Chamomile – 2 tablespoon, Cat’s Claws – 2 tablespoons, Pau D’Arco – 1 tablespoon, Crystal Quartz – 1, Amethyst – 1.Association: Knottweed: Binding / Health / Protects Eyes / Sex Magic. Lavender: Love / Protection / Sleep / Chastity / Longevity / Purification / Happiness / Peace / Carried to see Ghosts / Worn to Protect Against the Eye / Wish Divination / Protects Against violence. Chamomile: Sleep / Money / Love / Purification / Combats Curses and Spells / Removes Curses / Brings Happiness / Calms Nerves. Cat’s Claws: Health / Purification / Pritection / Vision Quests / Money Drawing / Carry a Pinch of Cat’s Claws in a White Mojo Bag or Hang over threshold of you new House or place in your auto to be protected from theives and misfortune / Unhexing. Pau D’arco: Healing / Cleansing of Negativity / Grounding. Amethyst: Helps to Calm Fears and Reduce Stress / Promotes Good Judgement and Induces Vivid Dreams / Draws Pure and True Emotional Love / Business Matters / Helps Control Negative Thoughts / Attracts Justice / Wards Off Danger.Crystal Quartz: enhances energy and thoughts / purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical / protective stone / bringing the purified energy in / used to counter black magic / communicate with spirits / ultimate “anything-stone” / Quartz is used to dispel and clear negativity / meditation / protection / manifesting and channeling / Quartz is said to be effective for chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression, bone ailments and gastrointestinal troubles. It is also used to improve mental and physical stamina / Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra, but is also effectively used to energize all of the chakras.HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE! The amount you will receive is listed at the top.

This is an excellent Besom to be used on your magical rituals. Great size. It can do the job without taking a lot of space. It can also be hanged on the wall close to your altar.Use the Rais Broom of Calela To sweep the Hindrance of Refusal and negative influences from the home or business and increase your luck. It attracts an increase in business and works in sweeping away psychic excess to help clear thinking and to aid in decision making process, as well as prearranging good fortune. Use of this broom is known for causing good luck with drawings, lotteries, and all other games of chance.All the information you need is provided.

A hand-made offering box containing a small Buddha statue, scarf, mala (rosary), candle, incense, and burner.

A traditional feature within many a witch’s sacred space, the cauldron is a powerful symbol of mystical creation and rebirth, as well as an elegant tool for many rituals and spells. This cast iron cauldron features an embossed pentagram on both its front and rear, a handle for carrying, and a heavy lid for snuffing out incense or simply covering its contents.It measures approximately 4 1/2″ tall when lidded and 4 1/4″ in diameter. Internal dimensions are approximately 2 1/2″ deep and 3 3/4″ in diameter.

Powerful Black Obsidian wand w/ pentacle stone measuring approximately 1″ in diameter. Intricately carved gemstone wand with 8 or 16 faces…..

The Witches Cabinet Herb & Stone set #4. You will get: Spearmint – 2 Tablespoons, Lemongrass – 2 tablespoons, Yarrow – 2 tablespoons, Buckthorn Bark – 1 tablespoon, Pomegranet Peel – Approx. 2 tablespoon, Obsidion – 1, Bloodstone – 2.Association: Spearmint: Healing / Love / Mental powers / Protection During Sleep / Increase memory. Lemongrass: Open Sexuallity / Lust / Repels Snakes / Psychic powers / Purification. Yarrow: Attracts Friendly Spirits to Divanation Act / Rinse crystal balls with water and yarrow to bring clear visions / Romance (not sex) / Whne Worn in a Sachet or Mojo Bag it is a protector / Stops Fear and Brings Courage / Atracts Friendship / Exorcises evil from a place, person, or thing. Buckthorn Bark: Luck Spells & Sachets / Legal matters / Luck in Legal Matters / Home Protection Spells & Sachets / Exorcism / Wishes / Elf Magic. Pomegranet: Divination / Wealth / Luck / Wish / Fertility / Add Dried Powdered Skin to Wealth and Money Incense. Obsidion: Protective / Removes General Negativity / Helps to Eliminate Bad Habits and Reduce Cravings / Transform the Negative Energies in to Positive / Grounding. Bloodstone: Banish Evil and Negativity of all Kinds / Revitalize and Open our Hearts / Prosperity / Manifest Wealth / Courage / Physical Vitality / Enhances Courage / prediction of the Future / Gain Control Over Negative Spirits.HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!

The Witches Cabinet herbs set #11- Herbs associated with LUCK. You will get the following herbs to use in your LUCK or conjoin with prosperity spells to add a touch of luck spells.: Calamus 1 tablespoon, Heather 1 tablespoon, Oak 2 tablespoons, Star Anise 10 grams, Broom 2 tablespoons.

Hear the light, ringing song of this small silver-plated bell. 3″ tall, with an engraved pentacle design and scalloped edges around its rim, the chime of this bell garners far more attention than one would expect from its size alone.

The Witches Cabinets herb and stone set #1White Willow Bark (3 tablespoons).Peach leaf (2.5 tablespoon).Moss (2 tablespoons).Amazonite (1 teaspoon).Cowrie Shells (6 shells).Association: White willow bark: Love / love divination / protection / healing / rebirth / purification / feminine magic.Peach leaf: love / exorcism / longevity / fertility / wishes.Moss: Money / luck / safe travel / protection / moss is a general stuffing for poppets.Amazonite: Success / joy / self-expression / helps relieve bad habits / communication / creativity / happiness / healing / self confidence / it is said to bring gamblers luck when they wear it on their person / it is used by anyone who is taking a chance to ensure success.Cowrie shells: money spells / spells honoring the goddess / healing / fertility / enhancing spirituality / sea magic / carry it for wealth / transfers good fortune and power to the bearer. HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!

THE WITCHES CABINET Herb Set #5 White willow bark 2 TBS / Red raspberry leaf 2 TBS / Valerian root 2 TEA / Sea Salt 2 TBS / Cedar 1 c. Association: White willow bark: Love, Divination, Protection, Healing, Release, Hex Breaking. / Red raspberry leaf: Protection, Love. / Valerian root: Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection. / Sea Salt: Purification of any kind. / Cedar: Prosperity, Hex Breaking , Courage , Purification , Protection , Healing , Spirituality , Self control. HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!

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