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Crop Circles & Aliens….

Are Crop Circles made by Man or Martians? Are they natural phenomena or a message from the Divine? They appear around the globe and have done for hundreds of years. They often appear instantly before the eyes of witnesses. Thousands of images prove their existence. Science has been used in an attempt to unlock their mystery. And yet they still remain a much debated subject. Andy Thomas is a world leading expert on the subject and he questions everything. With dozens of books on the subject and having traveled around the world to discover the truth this frank and inspiring film looks into the subject in depth..

Ultimate Crop Circles – Signs from Space?

For thousands of years an Alien presence here on Earth has made us aware of their existence through miraculous signs and wonders, such as the Ancient Nasca Lines of Peru, the Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge, and now, the global phenomena of Crop Circles. Presented for the first time in this explosive series is the discovery of a secret symbolic language or meaning, a – cosmic code -in the crop circle formations. However there are dark forces at work that would use the mystery of Crop Circles to confuse the public regarding the greatest of all truths, that we are not alone in the universe. This award winning six part series of programs represent the largest collection of films, photographs and research ever assembled on the Crop Circle phenomenon. Witness for yourself the stunning, complexity, beauty and grandeur of Crop Circles in this amazing DVD series. In the end what you will discover can only be called a miracle. Includes 6 films: Vol. 1: Crop Circle Communique. Vol. 2: Crop Circle Communique 2 – Revelations. Vol. 3: The 2001 Crop Circles. Vol. 4: Crop Circles: The Cosmic Connection. Vol. 5: Something Wonderful Has Happened But It Was Not In The News. Vol. 6: Mystery Of The Crop Circles: The Cosmic Code

If you can’t get to England to experience the Crop Circles for yourself, then see this movie!! Steeped in spiritual history and sprinkled with ancient sites, Stone Circles and Crop Circles, this area is laced with ley lines and the people who have honored them for thousands of years. No wonder the CircleMakers choose this canvas every year to create so many Crop Circles! Dare we take you there now? To meet the seasoned Croppies, Druids, Keepers of the Stones, researchers and farmers who deal with Crop Circles on their land year after year? We’ll show you the Crop Circles from above, filmed from small airplanes – And deep within the Crop Circles to share the power of their mystique. Appearing all over the world for hundreds of years, they be the first ET communication that humans can physically see. What are they saying and to whom? Might they be encoded with subliminal messages to humanity? Keys of wisdom perhaps? Or might they be leaving messages to each other, having nothing to do with us at all? In this movie you will see shocking footage of a Crop Circle being made by Balls of Light that communicate just before the grain lays down! Real footage. Why do some people feel body tingles and a sense of euphoria inside Crop Circles? Why do cameras and phones go dead in Crop Circles? Why do magnetometers and pendulums register higher frequencies in Crop Circles? Many questions are answered in this long version (77 min) documentary that is filled with incredible Crop Circles images from the past 30 years and an award winning musical soundtrack….

Crop Circles & Signs

Crop Circles – (Part 5) Video – Warning: This video contains a music soundtrack that includes profanities / swearing that may offend some viewers….

The Mystery And The Beauty Of Crop Circles

Twin Crop Formations – 30th July 2010, Berkshire UK.mp4


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