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Biography-Celebrity Ghost Stories 9dvd)

Hear terrifying true stories of the paranormal, told by the people who experienced them. This chilling, horror-filled series dramatizes some of the scariest stories in America, revealing a world in which tragedy, suicide and murder have left psychic impressions on innocent lives. Episodes include:- Lake Club Horror – The Haunting of Summerwind – Hell House – Cursed – Echoes From the Grave – Darkness Follows – Gateway to Hell – The Diabolical – Demon Child – Sallie’s House – Hungry Ghosts – Where Demons Dwell – Ghost Soldier – House of the Dead – Dark Forest – A Haunting in Florida. Through first-person accounts, slowly unravel the mystery and origin of each haunting. By the end, you’ll be left with the lingering sense that life – and death – are far stranger than you ever imagined.

THE REAL STORIES BEHIND HAUNTINGS, ZOMBIES, VOODOO RITUALS, AND MORE! The HAUNTED HISTORIES COLLECTION: VOLUME 2 takes you on a spine-tingling tour of truly frightening phenomena. Uncover the real stories behind American haunted houses, zombies, voodoo rituals, and a mad scientist caught up in the dark world of alchemy and body snatching. From bone-chilling interviews with eyewitnesses who have felt the presence of restless ghosts, seen the walking dead, or participated in spirit possession rituals, to expert testimony from historians, scientists, and psychics, you don t have to believe in ghosts to be spooked by these terrifying tales. Featuring in-depth profiles of the world s scariest stories on five DVDs, including: Haunted Houses. More Haunted Houses: Tortured Souls and Restless Spirits. Zombies. Voodoo Rituals. In Search of the Real Frankenstein

Best of Special (#28)

Amityville Confidential : The History Channel Documentary – DVD

Tour some of America s most haunted destinations, from the remote, beautiful, and enchanting hot spot of Hawaii to the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, where ghosts are said to prowl the shores of Lake Michigan, in this frightening 5-DVD set. Featuring in-depth profiles of the world s scariest stories, the collection also travels to Savannah, Georgia, an elegant Southern city where spirits have been known to lurk in the bucolic façade; the sun-baked desert of Tombstone, Arizona; and the famous landmarks of Washington, D.C. Hear from people who claim to have been attacked by the warrior spirits of long-departed Hawaiians. Learn how the spirit of Abraham Lincoln; the presence of Ulysses S. Grant; and the ghosts of first ladies, military heroes, and famous politicians are still seen and felt in our nation s capital, once called the greatest town for ghosts in the country. And take a memorable tour of one of the Old West s most infamous towns, where history is soaked in blood, and the past lingers on in paranormal ways. The collection includes: Haunted Tombstone, Haunted Washington, D.C., Haunted Savannah, Haunted Hawaii, Haunted Chicago

Drifting spirits. Haunting premonitions. Deadly resurrections. Terrifying apparitions. The doomed and cursed are ready to plague your nightmares, scare you senseless, and have you shrieking for more! Gather ’round the fire for 44 spine-tingling tales of terror from beyond the grave…if you’re up for it. Ghost Stories – the stuff that screams are made of! Narrated by Rip Torn, this six-DVD set includes four never-before-seen episodes from the hit FOX Family Channel series!FEATURING 44 EPISODES

In these favorite episodes from the popular Travel Channel series Weird Travels and Mysterious Journeys, we explore our most fascinating legends, macabre history and amazing paranormal phenomena. This is the stuff you really want to know about, but won’t find in your usual guidebook or travel program.

California’s Most Haunted – documentary of the paranormal

2 DVD COLLECTOR’S EMBOSSED TIN! Sometimes the door to the other side swings both ways. Sometimes lost, lonely and vengeful spirits return to taunt the living, in ways unimaginably diabolical and cunning. The strength of their power and deception can leave people grasping for answers, and often they turn to paranormal investigators to protect them from the supernatural forces wreaking havoc in their lives. At the risk of falling victim to the darkness themselves, these investigators, exorcists and demon chasers use whatever tools they possess to rid the victims of the evil that surrounds them. These four tales of the unexplained, each one a true story of possession and redemption, are documented with recreations and interviews with the subjects and paranormal investigators themselves. As these stories show, no one is immune to the frightening powers of the supernatural, and life and death are much more intertwined than we can know. Episode list: The Possessed, The Presence, The Wheatsheaf Horror, The Unleashed.

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