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In the early 1990s, film director Norio Tsuruta (Premonition, Ring 0: Birthday) and screenwriter Chiaki Konaka (Marebito) collaborated on a three-part series of television programs based on actual paranormal events. Collectively known as Honto Ni Atta Kowai Hanashi (Scary True Stories), it was an immediate hit. Not only did it mark Norio Tsuruta’s directorial debut, it also became a pioneering work which lit the flame of the Japanese horror boom, shedding its influence on such films as Ringu, Ju-On: The Grudge, and Pulse. Set in contemporary Japan and highlighted by creepy visuals and sound effects, these chilling dramatizations of supernatural horror are presented for the first time in the U.S. as a complete edition.

The Haunting

A group is introduced to the supernatural through a 90-year old New England haunted house. Be prepared for hair-raising results in this classic horror film!

Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts. Studio: First Look Home Entertain Release Date: 06/21/2005 Run time: 360 minutes Rating: Nr

Demon House

Demon House

An American Haunting (Blu-ray)

A spine-tingling tour of truly frightening phenomena, A&E and HISTORY crawl beneath the surface of the unknown and re-awakens our deepest fears and imagination. Utilizing the latest technology and analyses from forensic specialists, psychologists, physicists, historical experts, theologians, and even demonologists, these 18 DVDs take viewers to remote and historical destinations across the globe to explore many unexplained spectral visits and monster myths. Join the search for fabled beasts in MonsterQuest: The Complete Season One; uncover the truth behind restless ghosts, vampires, and demons in the Haunted Histories Collection: Volumes 1 & 2 and Paranormal State: The Complete Season One; and finally, peer into the darkest depths of the devil’s fiery domain in Satan: Prince of Darkness. Part mystery, part legend, and wholly haunting, the MONSTERS, HAUNTINGS, and THE TRUE SPOOKY STORIES COLLECTION is a riveting account of unexplained occurrences borne of terrifying testimonies and firsthand experiences…..

Housed in a collectible Ghostbuster’s firehouse keepcase (complete with lenticular holograms of Slimer and the Ghostbusters logo) are five Amaray (plastic) DVD cases. Each DVD case comprises one volume of the show, with five discs in each, except for Volume 5, which has four discs. Also encased in the firehouse keepcase is a separate disc of bonus material and a companion booklet complete with an introduction, episode descriptions, special features descriptions, and bonus trivia.

The Unexplained: Hauntings

Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ming-Na, Chi McBride, Mia Tyler

The Fayetteville Incident. MUFON – the Mutual UFO Network – using the tools of science, psychology and law enforcement, investigate a case that’s grown far beyond its initial UFO sighting. Chris Bledsoe, the key witness in the event, undergoes hypnosis and declares he was abducted. The investigators try to separate fact from fiction when they bring in a psychologist. The tests rule out mental illness. Several other witnesses of the alleged sighting are tracked down and confirm much of Chris’ story. But this one-in-a-million case stumbles when Bledsoe takes a lie detector test. Mass sightings in Mexico. The search for UFOs goes international as MUFON sets off for Mexico. Newspaper reports and videos of a UFO flying over the rural town of Mezcala triggers the deployment of an investigative team in the summer of 2008. During a stop over in Mexico City, the team investigates a man who has videotaped hundreds of UFOs flying over the city. But as the team prepares to leave for Mezcala, the investigation gets diverted when remarkable daytime photos of a UFO hovering in the sky emerge. The team travels to meet with the photographer as an expert in the States analyzes the photos. The encounter with the photographer comes to a head when suspicions about the photos arise. Finally, the team arrives in Mezcala only to discover the story is changing before their eyes. The Bucks County Flap. A “flap” is defined as a series of sightings by multiple witnesses over numerous days. And they’re rare. That’s why the MUFON team is rushing to investigate this July, 2008 flap. Most witnesses in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, have little to offer but anecdotal testimony. However, the team discovers two witnesses who had multiple sightings and appear to have scientific corroboration for their claims. But scientific disagreements and government stonewalling, obscure what was thought to be an unambiguous investigation.

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