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On this leg of the journey you’ll explore the scariest spots in the Garden State. Author L’Aura Hladik visits 34 legendary haunted places, all of which are open to the public —so you can test your own ghosthunting skills, if you dare.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a renowned expert on paranormal, visionary, and spiritual topics. She puts her expertise to use in this guide to the scariest sites in the Keystone State.

Walking Through Walls is Philip Smith’s astonishing memoir of growing up in a household where seances, talking spirits, and exorcisms were daily occurrences, and inexplicable psychic healings resulted in visitors suddenly discarding their crutches and wheelchairs or being cured of fatal diseases….

This remarkable book tells the story of over 100 years of UFO sightings, drawing on formerly secret reports released to The National Archives by the Ministry of Defence. Original records reveal how British Intelligence and the CIA investigated many Cold War sightings, from the Roswell incident of 1947 to ghost aircraft, Radar Angels to the RAF’s confidential files. New light is shed on many famous cases, such as RAF Topcliffe, 1952; the Flying Cross in Devon, 1967; RAF West Freugh, Scotland, 1957; the Berwyn Mountains UFO crash and the Phantom Helicopter Mystery, as well as the notorious ‘Welsh Triangle’ and the Rendlesham Forest incident. Dramatic witness statements and personal interviews – many undertaken by the author himself – combine with rarely seen photographs, drawings and newly available documents to bring these extraordinary experiences vividly to life. From aerial phenomena of the First World War to crop circles and a secret UFO study of more recent times, The UFO Files offers a unique guide to our most intriguing mysteries.

A Must-Have Guide for Investigating the Paranormal. Have inexplicable spheres and fogs ever ruined any of your photographs? If you discarded them, thinking dirt on the lens or camera glitches were to blame, you may want to retrieve them and reconsider. These spheres and fogs may be paranormal light forms. Light forms are mentioned in literature on angels, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, crop circles, near-death experiences, inter-dimensional beings, magick, and thought forms. Hypnotized subjects describe the lights as the forms we become between lives on Earth. This entertaining book examines the many theories about what these energies may be and presents evidence throughout history that confirms their existence. Starting out as a novice photographer, the author captured the apparent spirit of her sister’s dog. That began her great adventure into researching orbs, vortexes, and ectoplasms that are appearing in pictures worldwide. In this book, you will learn as she did how, when, and where to photograph and interact with these intelligent life forms. How to Photograph the Paranormal has something for everyone—from the simply curious to ghost hunters and paranormal researchers. The book features dozens of original paranormal photographs—many in full color.Mysterious lights evidently have been with us all along but they are now making extra efforts to reveal themselves to humanity. This book is an eye-opening glimpse into their world.

From the time of the earliest tribal religions, high priests, self-proclaimed prophets, and purveyors of doom have been predicting the end of time. This encyclopaedic survey of end-time predictions looks at the history of these prophets and the religious sects that forecast the exact dates that civilisation would take its final bow. James R. Lewis eloquently remarks that all of these doomsday fear – mongers have one thing in common: they have all been wrong. As the year 2000 ushered in a new millennium, widespread interest in the end of the world, judgement day, and the “return” of a “saviour” were predicted by many old and new groups, and spread like wildfire across the planet. Encompassing the truly bizarre, the suicidal, the homicidal, and the almost believable, “Doomsday Prophecies” touches on apocalyptic strains in each religion, revealing that end-time predictions reach all the way back to Old Testament writings. They have thrived for centuries, and today they find new life with New Age religions and televangelists.

What is the true story about UFOs? Who or what is behind them? How much “evidence” is there and is it being taken seriously? Throughout the 1990s, UFOs have attracted the attention of specialists from all branches of science. Here, two of the most respected ufologists in the world, Jenny Randles and Peter Hough, share their cumulative knowledge of reported sightings and findings from dozens of countries around the globe. They investigate the extraordinary growth of UFO phenomena and explore the events and major cases that have formed the turning points in UFO history. See how the story has developed decade by decade, from the first cigar-shaped object seen in 1880, to the 1952 wave of sightings in Washington, on to new breakthroughs as we near the 21st century. Randles and Hough shed new light on the subject through unparalleled access to reports as well as previously unpublished material from experts and witnesses around the globe. Accounts from abductees, government officials, witnesses, and more round out this most fascinating and readable work.

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