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This eye catching Tempered and coated Glass Cutting Board by Diskonky measures 11.8″ X 7.87″ and is not only beautiful, but also very useful and practical for home chef’s and restaurant owner’s alike. This functional, sanitary, and heat resistant glass cutting surface is ideal for slicing, dicing, and mincing or use as a protective work space for your saucepans and hot dishes in the kitchen. The cutting board Includes self-adhesive rubber feet and when placed against the wall in a standing position, these cutting boards are ideal for decorative purposes as well! Our professional coat will ensure that it will always remain great to look at whilst making a terrific conversation piece in the kitchen.

The Ouija Board Mouse Pad measures 7.5″ Round Diameter and has neoprene backing to ensure non-slip and easy of use. The image is vibrant and will not fade or discolor with use.

Enamel cufflinks on a nickel plated setting with a bullet backing for easy application….

Open this box and embark upon a journey into yourself and beyond. Inside is all you will need to be thoroughly delighted the next time you and your “psychic circle” of friends get together for an evening of fun, surprises – and magical messages! The Magical Message Board and companion book are always ready to be consulted for problem-solving, decision-making, creative inspiration, and wisdom. On the Board are twenty key words, eleven colors, and forty universal symbols, in addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0-9. The Psychic Circle may use any of them – either individually or in combination – to create detailed and insightful answers to your every question. You will be amazed and enlightened again and again. Kit includes: 18″ by 18″ full-color Psychic Circle game board, Psychic Circle message indicator, companion book with complete instruction for use.

How to Use a Ouija Board

Michael St. Christopher has written the authoritative book about the ouija board. Instructions on how to successfully work with it are clear and easy-to-follow. In addition to details on the board, there is information on automatic writing, the planchette, and channeling; all of these subjects are handled in a clear and concise manner. Contact with the spirits is a complicated undertaking. The author answers all your questions on haunted houses, evil spirits, entrapped souls: she gives you instructions on how to release an imprisoned spirit and set it free on a higher plane. Paperback, 40 pages.

A far cry from the traditional cardboard game board, this fantastic piece provides for you a wonderful tool for divination. Consisting of separate pieces, the set contains a sculpted base of cold cast resin, a glass plate for the pointer to slide upon, and the pointer itself which is also crafted of cold cast resin. The base, carved to portray all of the letters of the English alphabet and the numbers 1-0, as well as “yes,” “no,” and “bye” answers, has been elaborately sculpted to appear as though it were carved from a rounded block of wood. Within this you will also find an interwoven frame of vines and ivy which creates the circle for an interwoven pentacle…….Time honored and riddled with magickal symbolism, it is sure to be a powerful tool for your divination, spirit summoning and other such rituals.

Buckland’s Book of Spirit Communications is for anyone who wishes to communicate with spirits, as well as for the less adventurous who simply want to satisfy their curiosity about the subject. Explore the nature of the physical body and learn how to prepare yourself to become a medium. Experience for yourself the trance state, clairvoyance, psychometry, table tipping, levitation, talking boards, automatic writing, spiritual photography, spiritual healing, distant healing, channeling, and development circles. Also learn how to avoid spiritual fraud. This revised and expanded edition of Buckland’s popular Doors to Other Worlds has over one hundred new pages, including a completely new chapter on electronic spirit contact. It features additional photographs and illustrations, an index, a new preface, and a workbook format with study questions and answers for each chapter.

Sacred to the Goddess of Spring, the magical Moon Gazing Hare symbolizes the tides, seasons and fertility of nature. This octagonal Moon Gazing Hares Ouija board, made by Nemesis Now, comes with a thick piece of circular glass that covers the board, providing an ultra smooth planchette surface. The planchette has smooth runners and a hole near the top for selecting individual letters, words or numbers. and has inscribed instructions for use on the underside explaining how to take further protective measures to guard against evil. It measures about 13 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 inches. This Moon Gazing talking board makes a great gift for friends. It’s made of cold cast resin. We have a limited number of these, so don’t miss out. Get yours now!

The future is HERE! Modeled after the classic and eternally popular Ouija board game, this fun answer book acts as a personal, portable diviner. Each page features one element from the Ouija board: the letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, YES, NO, and GOODBYE. Ask a question, flip randomly through the book, and record the elements that come up. They’ll spell out the response to any question imaginable: Who will I marry? Will I get the job? Will I be rich?. The Ouija Answer Book works on the same principles as the board game: no matter how hard you try not to guide the planchette across the board, your unconscious mind can’t resist. Similarly, your hopes and wishes (whether you’re aware of them or not) will lead you to the pages that spell out your heart’s desire. This is the perfect game to play alone or to share with your friends for a fun evening.

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