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The Witches Cabinet Big Herb Set. Cast a spell or two with our big herb set, great for stocking your witches cabinet!1. Lavender 2 tbs.2. Catmint 2 tbs.3. Chamomile 2 tbs.4. Horehound 2 tbs.5. Egg shell powder 2 tbs.6. Buckthorn bark 1 tbs.7. Olive leaves 1/4 c. 8. Bilberry 2 tbs.9. White Willow bark 2 tbs.10. Queen of the meadow 2 tbs.11. Vetiver 2 tbs.12. Jatamansi 1 tbs.13. Adam & Eve root set14. Damiana 2tbs.15. Anise 12 gr.16. Kelp 1 1/2 tbs.17. Myrrh gum 11g.18. Juniper Berries 1 tbs.19. Alfalfa 2 tbs.20. Vesta’s ritual powder 1/2 oz.(Vesta ritual powder: Burned to clear the premises of all evil spirits / to cease harmful and hurtful gossip / can be used when ever you are asking something of Vesta / used in a sachet it is thought to help present the illusion of youthfulness, innocence, & purity / to drive away evil place ½ teaspoon of powder in an incense burner and light it with a long match. The powder will explode with a quick flame and a fog of smoke fumes will quickly dispel evil and any bad vibes or evil influences. Keep away from children, pet and flames. Do not ingest.) 21. Pine shavings 1c.22. Cedar 1c. HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!This set is herbs only, no directions for use are provided. HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!

Herb Set # 8 With StonesOlive Leaves 13 grams / Bilberry 1TBS / St. Johns Wart 2 TBS / Star Anise 12 grams / Mixed Stones (semi precious and precious stone chips) 15 grams / Bee pollen 1TBS.Associations: Olive leaves: Health, healing / happiness / peace / protection / Olive leaves scattered around a room spreads peaceful vibrations through the room / Wear olive leaves on you body to bring luck. / Billberry: Protection / Place under doormat to keep undesirables away from the properties, this proects from evil also. / St. Johns Wart: Health / Power / Protection / Strength / Love / Divination / Happiness / Star Anise: Psychic & Spiritual awareness / Luck / Place on your alter, one in each direction to increase power / carry for luck. /Mixed Stones: Various Powers.Bee Pollen (caution if allergic to bees): Longevity / Beauty / To bring sweetness to your life / Friendship / Attraction / Love / Strength / Happiness / Overcoming depression/HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!

THE WITCHES CABINET Herb set LARGE # 4 . Lucky hand root (1) / Angelica 2TBS / Peppermint 4TBS / Olive leaves 1/3 C. / Queen of the meadow 4 TBS Associations: Lucky hand root: Employment, Luck, Protection, Money, Travel. / Angelica: Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Visions. Use in all protection and exorcism incenses. Angelica protects in two ways: it creates a barrier against negative energy and fills you with good, radiant energy. Removes curses, hexes, or spells that have been cast against you. Enhances the aura. Gives a joyful outlook on life. / Peppermint: Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers / Olive leaves: Health, healing , happiness, peace, protection, Olive leaves scattered around a room spreads peaceful vibrations through the room, Wear olive leaves on you body to bring luck. / Queen of the meadow: Love / Peace / Happiness / Divination / Strewn about the house it will bring peace / promotes balance / Protects against evil influences / Use in exorcism spells or rituals to Helps clear houses of unwanted spirits / In rituals it is used to promote joy /& as well as to aid in divination / Associated with the Sabbath of Beltane. HANDLE ALL HERBS WITH CARE!

Low Cost Shipping! – shipping based on weight, not the quantity of items. Shipping is only $6 for orders under a pound and only increases by $1 for each extra pound. Cast with a pentacle set into its opposing faces, and intended as an ritual aid for bringing your different spell components together, you can use this sturdy tripod-style cauldron as a planter, a burn-safe location, an altar-piece or as a vessel for your ritual fire. Measuring 7 in diameter and 7 tall, this cast iron cauldron is the ideal size for your ritual needs without being too cumbersome.

Elegantly simple athame with a double edged stainless steel blade, natural wood hilt, brass trim, & leather sheath. (You can carve the wood with symbols, stain or paint it to suit your particular tradition.) 6″ total length. Also comes 12 per box. Not for sale in Massachusetts.

Our complete altar set is the perfect set to get you started! Includes the following 13 items: Satin altar cloth (colors may vary), Small wood handle athame with sheath (perfect for carving your own runes on the handle), set of 2 glass Votive candle holders (colors will vary), one half-DRAM hand-painted potion bottle, Small 3″ brass incense censer, 1 roll of 33mm self-lighting charcoal for incense, Two 18-hour burn hand-poured votive candles (black and white), small altar pentacle tile (style and colors will vary), one 1/4 oz size oil bottle of our hand-blended altar oil, one 5 DRAM vial of our hand-blended Ritual Blend incense, four chime spell candles (blue, white, green and pink), one chime spell candleholder (in white porcelain) and one baby Potbelly Cauldron! Everything you need for your altar! NOTE: This is an EXCLUSIVE Raven Moonlight Product and therefore cannot be duplicated by any other seller!

Here we have a fantastic herb chest that would be right at home on your altar, or could be put to use as a jewelry box or anything else you can imagine and be equally at home where ever you decided to place. Sturdily constructed of mango wood and marked with metal inlays that are riveted to the edges of the box in a symmetrical pattern, it possesses three pull out draws, side by side with each other and drawn outwards with small metal pull rings. Upon the top portion you will find a skillful engraving sculpted into the surface of the wood, consisting of three pentagrams which form the corners of a triangle with the richly hewn pattern of intertwined rope of Celtic knots forming each of the triangles sides. With the whole thing treated with a black finish, it truly is a wonderful piece of artistry that would be perfectly functional in whatever use you find for it. This Herb Chest is 9″ wide, 5″ deep and 4 3/4″ high, with each drawer having the internal dimensions of 3 7/8″ deep, 1 3/4″ wide and 3 1/2″ high.

Crafted of cast iron and standing a discrete 3″ tall and 2 3/4″ wide, with internal dimensions of 2 1/4″ in diameter and 2″ in depth, this squat cauldron rests on three, 3/4″ legs and has small handles set on either side of its rim, through which is looped the metal carrying handle. Coming complete with a lightweight cast iron lid it makes a wonderful addition to those who do not have the space on their altar for larger cauldrons or for those who simply wish to decorate their home or desk with this cauldrons small but powerful presence.

MAGICK WAND. Wooden Twisted Design w/ Garnet Ornaments 8.75″ Long

Triquetra Altar Table

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