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K2 KII EMF Meter & GEO Phone

This is a great IR Thermometer with good precision and a laser pointer that can be switched off. It also has a backlight, which will allow you to read the temperature in the dark. This infrared thermometer is frequently used by ghost hunters and for paranormal research. The use is easy, just point it in the direction you want to examine, pull the trigger and get an instant reading. Compare this reading to a neutral area and you will know what is going on.

Bell & Howell S7 Slim Digital Video camera is perfect for taking great pictures and videos. This camera has an infrared illuminator to allow shooting in total darkness.

Call it a Tri-Field Meter, an Electrical, Magnetic, and RF Detector, a Ghost Detector, or a Tricorder that even Mr. Spock would like, but what ever you call it, it works great to detect all three invisible fields! The TFM3C has three separate field sensors that are user selectable to provide a really cool readout on two highly graphical LED bargraphs! Utilizing the latest technology, including Hall Effect sensors, you can walk around your house and actually “SEE” these fields around you! You will be amazed at what you see. How sensitive is it? Well, you can see the magnetic field of the earth… THAT’S sensitive! The technical applications are endless. Use it to detect radiation from monitors and TV’s, electrical discharges from appliances, RF emissions from unknown or hidden transmitters and RF sources, and a whole lot more! A 3-position switch in the center allows you to select electric, magnetic, or RF fields. If the TFM3C looks familiar, it’s probably because you saw it in use on the CBS show Ghost Whisperer! It was used throughout one episode to detect the presence of ghosts. The concept is simple, it is believed that ghosts give off an electric field that can be detected with the appropriate equipment. Even Thomas Edison believed this as he made recordings of “voices from beyond”. In the electric mode, the TFM3C’s displays will wander away from zero even though there isn’t a clear reason for it (not scientifically explainable, aka paranormal!). This would mean something has begun to give off an electric field. Makes a great teaching tool too! Learn all about the three types of fields and the sensors needed to detect them. Runs on 6VDC (4 AA batteries, not included).

Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight – Available in red or yellow.

Bell and Howell DNV900HD Camcorder. Capture video footage with pristine detail and great clarity with the Bell and Howell DNV900HD Camcorder. The Bell and Howell DNV900HD Camcorder allows you to shoot footage with an incredible 16-megapixel maximum resolution, ensuring spectacular detail and vivid colors in every shot. A large 3″ wide LCD touchscreen makes it easy for you to see the subjects and surroundings you’re shooting crystal clear. In a dark or dim-light setting, count on the infrared night vision to be your eyes. With 32MB of internal memory, you can start video recording right away, but you can also use the dual SD storage slots for additional memory. The Bell and Howell DNV900HD Camcorder features 1080p Full HD Video Output and 4x Digital Zoom for up-close images with attention to detail. This Set Includes: Bell & Howell Camcorder Full 1080P Infrared HD 16MP Night Vision, 8 Gigabyte SD Secure Digital Memory Card, Zeikos Classic Camera Bag Size 6.75X6X5.13IN. Memory Card Storage Wallet, Large LCD Screen Protectors, Flexible Mini Tripod w/Pocket Clip, Lens Optics Cleaning Kit

Mel Meter 8704-R with ir safe Red Backlight Display is Designed Exclusively For Paranormal Investigators. ELF Range down to 30Hz ! This is 20Hz lower than the KII.Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously! EMF “Burst” Mode Feature for Tracking Dynamic EMF movement Measurement Ranges: 20, 200, 2000……….

The TriField Meter is the only EMF meter which offers magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection in one package. This meter combines all these unique features with affordable pricing for fast, reliable measurements of electromagnetic pollution: Continuous sampling analog readout; Omni-directional electric and magnetic sensitivity; Two separate scales for magnetic field readings; Hand-held portability and simplicity. The TriField Meter will accurately measure EMF pollution from these “hot spots” in your home, office, or work environment so you can take steps for “prudent avoidance”: poorly grounded wiring, microwave oven doors, dimmer switches, strong analog RF transmitters, automobiles, TV’s & computers, and other electronic equipment. Please note: this product is intended to measure electric fields, and does not detect nuclear radiation.

Olympus VN-8100PC Digital Voice Recorder (Silver and Black) 142600

GhoSt Augustin’s Ghost Hunting Kit features all you need to get started. K2 EMF Meter, GEO Device, IR Temerature Gun, and a hard carrying case to carry your equiment to your next investigation.

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